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NYC looping gig

Just wanted to let NYers know I'll be doing a solo (looping) concert with
fellow looper and funky instrument-builder Ken Butler Friday October 1.
My looping music has evolved over the several years I've been working with
the EDP, and I'm really happy with it right now --
Probably like many of us, I've evolved several different approaches to
music/looping depending on the venue/audience.
I do the pure spontaneous improvisation thing, for my own head and recently
for improvising dancers -- did a thing a few months ago where I played and
sang straight for almost 3 hours as people were doing contact improv.  It
was really fulfilling to interact with people moving -- at some points, I
was singing and doing contact improv with them myself as the loops were
playing.  Very cool.
I'm working on some duo situations - with guitarist Kenny Wessell and
flutist Robert Dick - which is mostly improvised, too, although we're
probably going to evolve compositions from our improvs.
And lastly, for my solo concerts, after spending years on pure process
in-the-moment music, I've found that part of me wants to create a body of
work, and prefers to have songs and compositions ready to perform when it's
a solo show.  I can go off in any direction if inspired, but I like having
structured work to present.
And all this is integrated with my ongoing vocal studies of north Indian
So, I'll be presenting the solo work next Friday - I call it "Chants, Songs
and Musical Landscapes."  Hope to see some of you there!

Ken Butler and Steve Sandberg
at Atmananda Yoga
552 Broadway (and Spring)
Friday, October 1
8 PM
$10 Suggested Donation (to benefit moveon.org)

by the way, you can check out ken's website at: