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Re: Was: (Gibson jacks up Echoplex price) Now nifty hardware platforms

hi Alan and list,

I just wanted to comment on the Agnula link.  I've been playing around 
with the Agnula Demudi live CD (that's also mentioned in the Project 
Idea link you provided).  For anyone interested in looking at linux as 
an audio machine but not wanting to go for a full hard drive install, 
this CD is great.  It's basically a fully stacked linux audio production 
suite, covering most aspects of digital audio production, on an easy to 
use CD that you just stick in your box and boot up.  It doesn't offer 
the performance of a full install (loading apps from the cd is a little 
slow for instance), but it does give a great idea of just how far linux 
has progressed into becoming a highly usable audio production environment. 

The CD has no real looping application by default, but using PD and the 
right hardware you can use something like this :  
for an 8 channel realtime looping sampler!  there are other PD based 
looping patches, but this seems to have the most polished interface.


Alan Kroeger wrote:

>Thanks for bringing up the new board ideas
>Here's some stuff I came across investigating this a little further (for 
>who are interested)
>Boards & Parts:
>Project Ideas:
>Feel free to add more to this list (if interested)