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Y2K4 International Live Looping Festival T-shirts advanced order

I'm just about to order the T-shirts for the Y2K4 International Live 
They will be high quality black t-shirts with white printing on them.

I'm taking pre-orders for them right now and will only have a small amount 
available after this pre-order at the festival itself
if anyone is interested.

Please send your responses to rickwalker@looppool.info and NOT to this 

If you are interested,  e-mail me your t-shirt size and then send a check 
money order (made out to Rick Walker)  for $15 (USD) to.

Y2K4 T-shirts
c/o Rick Walker
412 Darwin Street
Santa Cruz, California

Thanks,  the final schedule is almost completed and we currently have 48 
artists from 5 different countries planning to
attend.  I"m really excited about it.   I"ll send out the official 
announcements with the schedule in a couple of days when I have the final
schedule's hammered out.

yours, in the loop,   Rick