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Re: I'm feeling kinda Loopy....RANG STUFF

In a message dated 9/22/04 1:08:27 AM, jonathan@kelloggcreek.com writes:

I know it's no Echoplex, but it's keeping me plenty busy!

jonathan.....the rang is a blast.....you talk about a Y box, do yourself a favor, think "mixer".....also keep in mind: 2 outs.....feedback in the rang: 100% where nothing "goes away" /several repeats as the tracks go away/......down to "slapback".....what's the best feedback, you decide! all the settings present different ways of going at your LOOPS.....also keep in mind that you can "punch in" sounds, YOU DON"T NEED TO KEEP THE OVERDUB BUTTON DEPRESSED ALL THE TIME.....i think you will grow to love your rang.....michael