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RC20 - EDP sync

>>  Very cool love it the combo of an RC with an EDP sounds like a good 
>idea can
>>  the RC receive MIDI tempo from an EDP?
>Thanks. Nope, the RC-20 has no MIDI of any kind, unfortunately. I've read 
>the newsgroups that John Scofield uses an RC-20/EDP combo like this.
>This morning I posted a better take of "West Coast Blues" and one of
>"The Girl From Ipanema", which illustrates the guitar/bass split using
>the hex pickup:
>Mark Smart

I managed to sync them by pushing a wire from some flashing LED to a 
connector which was not used in the RC-20 and from there go to the 
BeatSync input of the EDP and set its Sync param to IN !
didnt we document that somewhere?
Tim Crowe was testemuny...

you can actually do this trick with many units, since all the 
BeatSync input needs is some kind of a pulse.

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