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RE: Gibson jacks up Echoplex price

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From: Kevin Van Pamel [mailto:Kevin.VanPamel@gibson.com] 
It is likely that we will run short again soon but I'm working hard to 
a large gap in delivery.  As a few of you have pointed out, the EDPP is in
need of a hardware upgrade and balancing the end of life cycle of one
version while we move to another is a challenge.  

----->I for one got tired of waiting for Alto to get their backorders and
instead acquired a used EDP for $800.  I am afraid valuable items come at a
cost . . .
But Kevin seems to be our friend!  And I am happy to hear of potential
"hardware upgrade" news, since mono is a problem--You currently need 4
Echoplexes to loop two tracks of Stereo!  Yikes!
Andre LaFosse is coming to town (San Diego) next week, to a place called
Lestat's.  Let's see how many EDPs he's using . . .