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Re: I'm feeling kinda Loopy....

In the newer 'Rang, the default setting is set for infinite playback, so
there is no decay as you stack. Of course, this can be changed in the 
I find the trim knob to be extremely forgiving and I get very little hiss,
except for the middle range of the 3-way switch. I think this is a defect 
my unit. I just get by with the first and third position, and as long as 
not lighting up the clipping LED, my results are great.

You might want to see if your older 'Rang can be set for "no decay". I'm
sure you already know you can upgrade your older 'Rang to the newer 
by replacing a few chips.


> In a message dated 9/21/04 10:08:27 PM, jonathan@kelloggcreek.com writes:
> << I don't know much about feedback, except that the manual says there 
> lot of settings for it.  Does feedback just reduce the volume of the 
> loop as you layer more on top of it?  Any recommendations for where to 
> it?......
>     Lastly, there's a lot of hiss, is there some trick to cut all that
> down? >>
> Hi
> I can only speak for the old version of the rang where there was no
> control. It seemed to me that each layer of overdub attenuates the volume
> the previous layer by 10 to 15%. So after 4 overdubs the first layer is
> starting to get buried in the background.
> I found that careful adjustment of the Trim knob helped reduce hiss. This
> requires some adjustment of the input volume also.
> I had the old version of the Boomerang and I have the old version of the
> Dang, I'm feeling old.
> regards
> BobC
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