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New Directions in Static CD release

Title: New Directions in Static CD release
Hi All,

I am pleased as punch to announce the commercial release of the ghost7 CD New Directions in Static.

New Directions in Static is a full-length CD of improvised compositions played on 4-string bass guitar and recorded straight to 2-track, using a DL-4, an EDP, and various gadgets to loop, layer and make sonic taffy. No overdubs, no computers (aside from mastering on a digital audio workstation and doing the graphic design).

New Directions in Static is now available at:

http://cdbaby.com/ghost7     . . .       Twisted Village Records, Cambridge, MA    . . .       Newbury Comix, selected Boston area locations.

I very much welcome feedback, comments, hate mail . . .


I am also really excited to announce that I’ll be performing at Y2K4, with my lovely accomplice Theresa adding spoken word/vocal elements.

I look forward to meeting many of you at the festival.


ghost7 | Orange