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Re:Mackie or Behringer mixer solution for Mark Hamburg

At 02:38 20/09/04, you wrote:
>Let me strongly urge you NOT to buy the little cheapy Behringer mixer for 
>your mono to faux stereo solution for your
>EDP.      I bought one and those little suckers are NOISY!!!!   They 
>reverse engineered everything in their mixers exactly
>like the Mackies and basically saved a lot of money by using really 
>inferior preamplifiers.    Looks just like the Mackies,
>cost 1/3 to 1/2 of the price and, unfortunately,  you get what you pay 
>for. I'm not just mackin' on Behringer (pardon the pun).

I use 2 Behringer mixers all the time, and don't have a noise
So probably better to say "don't go Behringer without
trying that model first".
in any case, for the stereo>>mono>>stereo thing
the quality of the mic pres wouldn't be an issue.

Mind you, I agree with Rick about the Zoom 1201 :-)

andy butler