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Re: humanizing live looping

David, I think I prefer YOUR method (LOL)!
As a tinnitis sufferer, I've always *tried* to keep my volume manageable, BUT the older I get, the more I think that low, "responsible" volume just encourages certain crowds to talk over us musicians. It varies from club to club and depends on what the clientele are used to hearing.
Maybe I should try The Kirkdorffer Method...hey, I've gotta give my custom earplugs a workout! The 25 DB inserts oughta do it, yes?
My ancient and dearly beloved 15-watt Vox Nova, while damned loud for its size and wattage rating, may not be quite the ticket for creating this wall-o-sound you describe. 
Oh Mister Soundman? Can we have a mike on my amp?  Maybe I can shlep an SVT stack into the Zeit?
(hee hee!) 
Yours in Scrotum-Crushing Volume,
Tim "Dallas-Arbiter" Mungenast