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Performance confirmation...

Hello Rick,
Just thought I'd drop you a line to mentioned that it is confirmed that 
both Ginger and myself will be there the weekend of the show.

We will be arriving in San Jose around 11:15p.m. Friday. We have rented a 
car, we should be to the hotel around midnight - 1:00am. We are checking 
into the hotel you mentioned (by the way thanks for the suggestion). 
Unfortunately Ginger and I will only be able to perform and see the rest 
show Saturday as we leave for mpls. Sunday morning 6:00 a.m. very early 
flight. So when you do have a confirmed time Saturday of when COCHLEAR 
ELECTROLYSIS will be performing let me know. If possible sometime after 12 
noon if possible. I think we will be pretty tired, however if you have us 
scheduled early no big deal.

Ginger and I are looking forward to performing and are real excited to 
meet you and other fellow loopers.

Best Regards,