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RE: My girl Nancy and promoters with loop bias.

jeez you guys, just because I don't post much doesn't mean I'm not reading this crap! Ha Ha! Anyway, my significant other's name is indeed Nancy.  OK? Now was that off topic enough?
PS to Krispen. regarding promoter resistance to looping. I had a related conversation with the local producer of a public access TV program called Musicians Weekly that I took part in last fall.. We were speaking at a party I had just performed a loop set at, and rather than play solo like I usually do, I had a good friend and outstanding drummer sit in with me for my set, and basically listen and interact with my loop inventions. He (Ron, the TV guy) was talking about how his experience tapping loopers is ,that we don't make particularly interesting subject matter from a visual standpoint. The extreme case being, in some instances the artist in question took to much time in the building and creation of the loop ideas, and lets face it, watching someone look at their rack is not that interesting.(no matter how cool the gear is LOL) But at the crux of his feedback was that, what was being lost was the interaction between the musicians, the human interplay, that is really vital to draw people in. He went on to say in regards to my set, was that just by having another musician to provide a foil, made a big difference from an audience standpoint. I would tend to agree. There are certainly loop soloists,  that come to mind ,that I've seen,  that can definitely hold your attention for a set. But the often times static nature of looping can have a decidedly lulling effect rather than an exciting one.  I would consider myself a fairly introverted guy,  even though I like to perform, but I have to stay conscious of not lapsing in to shoe gazer mode.  So I work at trying to make my live looping thing more interesting by being more engaging with the audience, and keeping my loop ideas constantly morphing. And I'm also rethinking the whole solo loop thing and leaning towards working more in a duo setting, again.  I realize from an economic standpoint that doing a solo act has its advantage$, but I must say I miss the interaction with a real human. BTW, I too am the proud owner of a hollow body PRS, which i bought to replace a 335 I had that was boat anchor. Best electric guitar I've ever owned, and I'm a dyed in the wool strat guy.
 [William Walker]
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was it Nancy?

i sure hope so!.....:).....michael