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Re: Using Jazz Standards to Get Into a Venue for Looping

On Sep 19, 2004, at 7:34 PM, Krispen Hartung wrote:
> the mix.  There are at least 10 venues that I can get into almost 
> immediately using my jazz chops, using my jazz demo CD.  My jazz style 
> is more in the Pat Martino and John Abercrombie vein, so the 
> transition between jazz to my loop music should be easy. I figured I 
> would start by blending a two set gig with 70 minutes of "standards" 
> jazz and 20

being a jazz organist, i've found looping and jazz to be quite 
harmonious. i've been incorporating ethereal looping into jazz 
standards for years now.

Pat Martino  ... John Abercrombie ... those guys played with hella 
organists. John is on 3 amazing Dr Lonnie Smith albums (not to mention 
the ECM stuff with Dan Wall), and Martino used to play with Trudy Pitts 
and Jack McDuff.

i would recommend playing jazz because you like it though, not just to 
loop. that's kind of like a saxophonist playing jazz just because they 
want to play a lot of notes.

if you just want gigs a wedding band would pay much better, and involve 
more liquor.
Eric Williamson