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Pedal/Footswitch Remote Funk-tionality (was: Boss RC20XL)

And while we're on the topic of stooping over to twist
the knobs on floor-based effects or turning the knobs
with our toes, here's an idea that I've always wanted
to see implemented in a stompbox, particularly in the
newer ones that have a lot of controls better suited
to hand control.

How about a jack which would bypass the unit's own
footswitch and connect to a simple floor-based button,
allowing the pedal to be used on a keyboard stand,
tabletop, top of an amp or rack, whatever, at hand
level, while still retaining the "stomp" aspect of the
stompbox? (When the jack wasn't being used, the pedal
would act like a regular foot-operated pedal.)

I know a prerequisite to employment as a Boss/Roland
engineer is a firm committment to solipsism, so I
don't really expect to see this on the RC-20 or the
PS-5 and their kindred anytime soon, but hey, wouldn't
it be nice?


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