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RE: Using Jazz Standards to Get Into a Venue for Looping

Yes, definitely send me some MP3s.  You're a maniac, Mark...you may
inspire me to play jazz more often. It's been over 2 years since my last
professional gig....I'll have to get my Abersold CDs out to sharpen my
incisors.  Jazz on the EDP...what an ass kicker.  Imagine looping the
head of Donna Lee and then playing the chords over the top of it...it
doesn't always have to be chords first, I guess...lots of


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Subject: Re: Using Jazz Standards to Get Into a Venue for Looping

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> main point, and also looking for ways to circumvent this trend.  I can

> and have used the EDPs or the Boomerang to play standard jazz, but it 
> is very difficult to pull off with most standards, because the heads 
> (melody lines) are 16 to 32 measures long.  It's easy with something 
> like All Blues. Has anyone played and looped the changes for "Stella 
> by Starlight," and played the head and solo over the loop?

Yeah, this is one of the tunes I have worked up. The only thing I can't
do is play the pickups on the melody at the beginning, because I have to
finish recording my octave-divided bass and drums before beat 1, then
quickly hit the Record pedal, flip the switch on the guitar to "Guitar
mode", and start playing the melody a little late. Not easy, but it can
be done with practice. Tunes with a melody that starts before 1 are kind
of a problem. You either start the melody a litte bit late, or come up
with somet BS to play for a full chorus before it comes around again.

>That could take
> up to 2 minutes for a long ballad.

Yeah, on ballads there is a long delay before the medloy starts, but I
don't think this is a showstopper. I like to do "My Foolish Heart".

> It gets really redundant after about
> 20 standards. I'd rather play traditional chord solo or play over 
> sequences.  But again, I'm not disputing whether one can play jazz 
> with looping technology....it's playing jazz, loops or no loops, to 
> get into more mainstream venues in my locality, and then slipping in 
> my more obscure compositions.
> K-

With my setup I hope it helps make it less monotonous that I have bass
and drums sounds going before the melody starts. I hope...

I can make some mp3's if you wanna hear what this sounds like.

Mark Smart