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RE: Using Jazz Standards to Get Into a Venue for Looping

Mark!  It's great to hear from you! Yes, I remember the old
conversations we had in my gtr synth days, my gtr synth web page, etc.
I'll check out your site and talk to you off line.

West Coast Blues is an excellent tune. Peter Erskine...you're killing
me, man...my favorite drummer (especially with Abercrombie). My
god...the GR300 and the EDP...my mouth is watering.  I can get close to
that sound with my Boss footpedal synth setting....but it's just not
that cool "grunty" horn/violin sound that Abercrombie and Metheny had.

I've done some similar things as you with the standards, but it's the
live time required to play and setup all the loops in front of the crowd
that makes me cringe.  Maybe I can get used to it. :)



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Hi Kris.
Remember me? We had conversations many years back about the Roland

I have built my looping setup almost entirely with the intention of
doing jazz standards, maybe you can get some ideas from it:


I'm in the middle of totally rebuilding this setup since I just bought
an Echoplex. I've been working up some more tunes using its added
capabilites. The most recent one is Wes Montgomery's "West Coast Blues".
I love the 'Plex!. I can make three loops for this song, one for the
four-measure vamp on the Tadd Dameron-type turnaround, one for the head,
and a third for soloing with the additional chromatic ii-V's like he
plays on the recording. I use a 3/4 brush loop from the Peter Erskine
sample CD for the drums.

Unfortunately, I can't offer much in the way of advice about getting
gigs because that's definitely not my strong point. I've only done a
couple of gigs with the existing setup, but my intention was to go
manily for gigs at restaurants, bookstores, and other places where they
want low-volume music. I dunno if bars that normally have jazz groups
would want some tech-head with a bunch of pedals! But I intend to try
and see how it goes.

Mark Smart