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Re: Boss RC20XL

I did that a couple of years ago with the RC20's level
control, although I had to take the knob off the guide
pot to do it. The rubber part on mine is actually
supposed to be a heavy duty "foot" that goes on the
bottom of a rack or equipment case; it presses right
down onto the Boss knob. I made a little label for the
top of it with a big white-on-black clock-hand sort of
marking so I can tell at a glance what the knob
setting is. My Headrush got the same treatment,
although now that my rig has moved back to being based
around a mixer (this time with 6 aux sends) I probably
won't need foot control of the loop level anymore, as
it's really a bit of a balancing act. I don't think
I'll need a foot-knob on the phrase select, either,
though, as I'm not using it to store pre-recorded

--- Mark Smart <mwsmart@insightbb.com> wrote:
> A few months ago I figured out that you can take the
> knob and rubber knob cover
> from a Dunlop pedal (I stole mine off my phase 90)
> and put it on the RC-20's
> Phrase Select knob  to make it turnable with your
> foot.

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