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Re: Using Jazz Standards to Get Into a Venue for Looping

Hi Kris.
Remember me? We had conversations many years back about the Roland 

I have built my looping setup almost entirely with the intention of doing 
standards, maybe you can get some ideas from it:


I'm in the middle of totally rebuilding this setup since I just bought an
Echoplex. I've been working up some more tunes using its added 
capabilites. The
most recent one is Wes Montgomery's "West Coast Blues". I love the 'Plex!. 
I can
make three loops for this song, one for the four-measure vamp on the Tadd
Dameron-type turnaround, one for the head, and a third for soloing with the
additional chromatic ii-V's like he plays on the recording. I use a 3/4 
loop from the Peter Erskine sample CD for the drums.

Unfortunately, I can't offer much in the way of advice about getting gigs
because that's definitely not my strong point. I've only done a couple of 
with the existing setup, but my intention was to go manily for gigs at
restaurants, bookstores, and other places where they want low-volume 
music. I
dunno if bars that normally have jazz groups would want some tech-head 
with a
bunch of pedals! But I intend to try and see how it goes.

Mark Smart