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Re: Boss RC20XL

I use two RC-20s on my jazz looping setup:


A few months ago I figured out that you can take the knob and rubber knob 
from a Dunlop pedal (I stole mine off my phase 90) and put it on the 
Phrase Select knob  to make it turnable with your foot. I removed the 
knobs from
the Guide and Level pots because I kept bumping them by accident. But it's
doable with practice. The phrase numbers are covered up now, but I have 
memorized by what position they would be on a clock face (Bossa = 1:00. 
etc). I
think this is more flexible than using the footswitch since you can switch 
any loop to any other loop.

If you don't have a Dunlop pedal to steal them from, you can just order the
knobs and covers from Dunlop through your local music store. Here are the 

  Knob:       ECB130
  Knob Cover: ECB131

Mark Smart