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Re: Using Jazz Standards to Get Into a Venue for Looping

Why does looping have to be another genre for you to play in. Why
don't you incorporate some looping in your jazz sets? Just because you
loop doesn't mean you have to be a-tonal, avant-garde, or weird =)

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From: Krispen Hartung <info@krispenhartung.com>
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2004 18:34:00 -0600
Subject: Using Jazz Standards to Get Into a Venue for Looping
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Moreover, I am thinking of pulling my old jazz hollow body out of the
case getting into some new venues playing traditional jazz….then
slipping some of my loop music into the mix.  There are at least 10
venues that I can get into almost immediately using my jazz chops,
using my jazz demo CD.  My jazz style is more in the Pat Martino and
John Abercrombie vein, so the transition between jazz to my loop music
should be easy. I figured I would start by blending a two set gig with
70 minutes of "standards" jazz and 20 minutes of loop music, then
start balancing the two genres out over time.