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RE: need recommendation: decent drum machine software

Hi Luis,

The machine I had, you had to physically pull out the USB plug when you 
finished using it?  With the Fantom, it can stay connected all the time.
Maybe I just wasn't using it correctly?

There may have been some quality control problems with the unit I had?  The
electrical cord was a Euro design, which I couldn't use, and not all of the
unit's feet touched the desk, so it wobbled when you hit the keys, and I
didn't see any way to adjust them.

All that being said, it is a very good looking machine, which I still look
at (lust after) every time I go to the music store.  Also, you can't beat
the pads for touch sensitivity.  I understand that Akai has the best pads 
the market!



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Hi Tom,
What kind of problems were u having?i havent encountered any in fact the 
function is what i love about it!

--- Tom Rex <tomrex1@cox.net> wrote:

> I had the  MPC1000 but the USB functioning was so bad, I took it back 
> and bought Roland's Fantom S (they now have the X).


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