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Re: Boss RC20XL

Easy way to clear a loop, instead of holding down the two switches for two 
seconds is to turn the phrase select to a different number and back to the 
one you were on in the first place, hey presto the loop has mysteriously 

>>>  --- shane <shanewhitbread@sympatico.ca> wrote:
>>>>  The footswitch system boss uses stinks
>>>>  for looping till you get used to it,
>>>  The thing I really hate about the RC20 is having to
>>>  hold the switch down for two full seconds to clear a
>>>  loop. That's a long time in a live looping situation.
>>>  Anyone know if this is still the same in the XL?
>>>  -t-
>>hold on now...two(2) FULL seconds? that aint shite :-)
>>looping w/ my trustee PCM42s when i quit a loop i have to wait for the 
>>length of the loop(up to 20sec.) to dump before startin up again!
>>know any in between loop jokes/banter?
>you know, back then we did not have the technology and knowledge to do it 
>but when they build the RC20 they could have watched one of you guys for 
>you think I am glad they did not? No...
>the Roland 3000 was rather hard: to tap the tempo (which the PCM42 could 
>not do at all) you had to press 3 times or so, and only about 1,5 loops 
>later it started to sound...
>          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org

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