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Re: decent drum machine hardware

Title: Re: decent drum machine hardware
My personal favorite for something easy to use and decent to work with live is the Korg Electribe ES-1. It lets you sample in any sounds you want, either from sample CDs, or by creating your own sounds with instruments, drainpipes, etc, has some onboard effects you can use to tweak and resample your sounds, and has a very easy pad/step programming approach that lets you construct a beat quite quickly.

It is definitely limited, and doesn’t work so well for jungle-type stuff, but I think it’s a great instrument.


ghost 7 | Orange

on 9/19/04 6:12 AM, L. Angulo at labalou2000@yahoo.com wrote:

Hi Rick,
Yes with little effects drums can sound huge!I have
programmed a lot of west african rhythms on my dr-660
using its effect presets and people often ask me where
i got the african samples from but is all coming from
my drum computer.
I was amazed to hear that Peter Gabriel recorded the
security album almost entirely with a linn drum!

--- "loop.pool" <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:

> I think I may have posted this before, but I think
> one of the cheapest
> hardware solutions
> for a drum machine (if you happen to own a sampler)
> is to buy a used or new
> Alesis SR-16 drum machine (which has the most
> antiquated drum sounds of all
> the machines
> currently available new) and use it to trigger your
> own sounds from a
> sampler.
> Drum machines are almost invariably closed
> architecture affairs and the fact
> of the matter is that
> drum sounds go in and out of style (or we just get
> sick of them).
> The SR-16 has good MIDI implemenation; is really
> easy to program and with a
> little effects processing
> you can even get the late eighties drum sounds to
> sound good if you don't
> want to use a sampler.
> Speaking of that devil,  my wife is very fond of
> using some of my really old
> analogue drum machines and then
> putting them through different stomp box pedals.
> It's amazing how fresh
> drum and percussion sounds sound
> when put through some flanging and distortion and
> chorus, etc, not to
> mention some of the wilder sounding rack mounted
> DSP boxes out there today.
> Heck, any drum machine connected to something like
> the Alesis INEKO can
> sound really fresh and innovative.
> Besides,  it gets boring to me to hear stock drum
> machine sounds, even if
> they are cutting edge in terms of style.
> Throw something through the random filter patch on
> those pricey Lexicon
> units and you are really humming.
> Just my 4 cents.


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