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effects for drums (decent drum machine hardware)

Rainer wrote:

"recommend the Zoom 1201 for the vocoder, Rick? Yes, the device I got for
something like ?30 still sits in my setup next to FireworX and Eclipse...)"

God, Rainer, I'm glad someone else loves the Zoom 1201.

When I first bought it brand new, it had the ugliest graphics of any piece 
of hardware I had ever owned
so I covered it with shiny holographic paper that I thought was cool (and 
most people probably think is the
ugliest covering they have ever seen on a piece of hardware).

  I wrote all the presets on top of the box and then put it in my rack and 
realized that,
much to my chagrin (and ultimate foolishness) that you can't read
the top of a rack effect when it racked with other effects.

I felt really stupid but it is such a cheap box that now I think of it as 
'mystery processing box'.
I can put anything through any of the 'wierd' bank of effects and 
interesting will happen.

Now I kind of like not knowing more than I liked being able to read the 
front panel.

Great box!!!!