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MOTU 7s information (was RE: Solution for Stereo EDPs and Timing Drift: Three Critical Parameter Settings)

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From: Krispen Hartung [mailto:info@krispenhartung.com] 
Sent: Saturday, September 18, 2004 9:31 AM

You could also purchase a single space line mixer and put it in the rack
with your EDP. That way you wouldn't need a traditional table-top mixer
lying around. There are some fairly decent line mixers out there, even some
that are MIDI controllable.

---->  Which reminds me--
Does anyone have any info on the MOTU 7s--specifically the controller
numbers for volume?  A scan of the manual would be swell--they also had a
software mixer that worked in Windows 3.x--
I have one in storage that would be good for my setup--it is a single space
line mixer controlled by MIDI that I purchased new when they first came out
and have since mothballed--altho I have the manual SOMEHWERE . . .