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RE: My foot controller steps on Your Foot controller

At 07:10 AM 2004.09.18, Lance Zechinato wrote:
>PMC didn't send up fireworks for me (as a better FCB).  But my OS comment 
>like saying a PC OS built for x86 architecture is like any other, which is
>obviously false (e.g., Win vs. Linux).

That's what I was confused by - I would hope ALL the controllers out there 
are designed to MIDI spec.

>It's what the thing can do, which
>was your point in your other response and you're right.
>Reading Per's explanation of his FCB workarounds, I was thinking about all
>the freakish workarounds I've done through the years from MIDI & outboard
>sequencer stuff to Frankensteined PCs for recording, and it seems there's
>almost always a workaround.

That's true - especially if you have a PC involved (or a sophisticated 
patchbay) since then you can get into remapping program changes to do 
anything you want.  There is at least one list member that uses a standard 
controller just to send program changes to a PC-1600 which then turns 
around and sends more elaborate commands to the rest of the system.

>For the "perfect" floor controller I wanted the Ground Control, but it 
>kinda big and the small clickity switches aren't my cup of tea, but man 
>thing seems like a very sweet contoller.  Whether they're really clickity 
>don't know, but I'm still not a fan of the tiny foot buttons.  Where the
>perfect controller?  (Wait don't tell me!  The PMC. Maybe you're right. 

I haven't found the perfect controller yet ;)
The perfect controller would be in production, more road-worthy than the 
PMC, as inexpensive as the FCB1010, etc...