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Re: effects for drums (decent drum machine hardware)

At 07:24 AM 9/18/2004, Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill wrote:

>Another recommendation is to use drum machines with vocoders.

Here's another trick that's somewhat similar (but not exactly): drum 
machines with gates.

Take a drum machine with individual audio outs, and one of those cheap 
multi-gates in a single rack space (we used to use an old TR-707 with a 
Furman Quad-Gate, but there are a lot of combinations out there).  Plug 
individual outs from the drum machine into the *sidechain* inputs of the 
multi-gate.  Now, whenever a drum assigned to a particular output hits, it 
will trigger the gate it's hooked up to.

Run completely different types of sound content into each of the audio 
inputs of the multi-gate, and adjust the release parameter to taste.  I've 
found that sustained sounds that shift regularly (like synth pads and 
sequences), or sound streams (like news broadcasts or any other found 
recording) work pretty well.

Hit 'play' on the drum box and futz with the patterns & tempo.  Turn on a 
recorder, and you're ready to send a demo into Warp.  ;)


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