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RE: My foot controller steps on Your Foot controller

PMC didn't send up fireworks for me (as a better FCB).  But my OS comment 
like saying a PC OS built for x86 architecture is like any other, which is
obviously false (e.g., Win vs. Linux).  It's what the thing can do, which
was your point in your other response and you're right.

Reading Per's explanation of his FCB workarounds, I was thinking about all
the freakish workarounds I've done through the years from MIDI & outboard
sequencer stuff to Frankensteined PCs for recording, and it seems there's
almost always a workaround.

For the "perfect" floor controller I wanted the Ground Control, but it 
kinda big and the small clickity switches aren't my cup of tea, but man 
thing seems like a very sweet contoller.  Whether they're really clickity I
don't know, but I'm still not a fan of the tiny foot buttons.  Where the
perfect controller?  (Wait don't tell me!  The PMC. Maybe you're right. 

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What does that mean?

At 10:56 PM 2004.09.17, Lance Zechinato wrote:
>:)  The PMC OS is designed to MIDI spec so no fireworks there,