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Re: effects for drums (decent drum machine hardware)

I would add the KAOSS pads (old or new version) are great little dynamic
processors that do nice things for drums.
In particular, the filters on the old KAOSS pads are fun to use.

David Kirkdorffer

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Subject: effects for drums (decent drum machine hardware)

> Rick,
> let me add my drummachine-processing recommendations for some
> solutions: A device most loopers have heard of which works wonders on
> is the Lexicon Vortex. The combination of tricky polyrythmic delays,
> to super-weird modulation and the morphing feature work wonders on any
> repeating rhythmic structure.
> Another recommendation is to use drum machines with vocoders. The
> Sirius (which contains both a powerful groovebox and a vocoder) got me to
> this. Anything with vocoders will work here - from integrated solutions
> (like the Sirius or the Nord Modular) to discrete setups (may I again
> recommend the Zoom 1201 for the vocoder, Rick? Yes, the device I got for
> something like ?30 still sits in my setup next to FireworX and 
> Rainer
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