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effects for drums (decent drum machine hardware)


let me add my drummachine-processing recommendations for some not-so-pricey
solutions: A device most loopers have heard of which works wonders on drums
is the Lexicon Vortex. The combination of tricky polyrythmic delays, subtle
to super-weird modulation and the morphing feature work wonders on any
repeating rhythmic structure.

Another recommendation is to use drum machines with vocoders. The Quasimidi
Sirius (which contains both a powerful groovebox and a vocoder) got me to
this. Anything with vocoders will work here - from integrated solutions
(like the Sirius or the Nord Modular) to discrete setups (may I again
recommend the Zoom 1201 for the vocoder, Rick? Yes, the device I got for
something like 30 still sits in my setup next to FireworX and Eclipse...)


Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill
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> Heck, any drum machine connected to something like the Alesis
> INEKO can
> sound really fresh and innovative.
> Besides,  it gets boring to me to hear stock drum machine
> sounds, even if
> they are cutting edge in terms of style.
> Throw something through the random filter patch on those
> pricey Lexicon
> units and you are really humming.
> Just my 4 cents.