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Re:Solution for Stereo EDPs (vortex)

At 10:10 18/09/04, you wrote:
>I've got a stereo signal (thanks to the Vortex). That's pre-EDP. I'm even 
>prepared to have my loops in mono. It helps distinguish them from the new 
>stuff. The thing that bothers me is that there isn't a good way to 
>integrate an EDP into an otherwise stereo signal path without either 
>expending space on a mixer or going to 2 EDPs and giving up threshold 

I used to put the Vortex after my mono looper,
which was a JamMan at the time.

It actually worked quite well,
you lose the ability to "save" any
morphing interactive type stuff to the loop,
but you get to treat the loop.

One solution would be to get a second Vortex ;-)
...and have one pre, and one post.

Now I use the Behringer Ultralink 1u mixer,
(even though I have 2 EDPs)
which would solve that problem, and
is also perfect for sending balanced outputs
to stereo active speakers, with easy control of volume.
(and possibilities for adding more "stuff")

>As I understand it, the Jamman nicely did the following:
>         L --------------------------------- L
>                   \                           /
>                    ------ Delay -----
>                   /                           \
>         R --------------------------------- R

exactly right

andy butler