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Re: OT - Laptop soundcard and HD

At 09:11 AM 9/17/2004, the toy room wrote:
>My big question is how you might pre-listen in Live with the Echo I/O’s 
>‘console’ feature.  It says that your software will see 8 outs, but those 
>are 8 ‘virtual’ outs which are remixed at the console, then spit out the 
>1/8” plug.  If you wanted to prelisten on headphones, but not have that 
>prelisten signal in your main mix…can it be accomplished?


I haven't actually laid hands-on the Echo PCMCIA cards, but I've 
them since they seem to possibly be a compact and economical audio 

For the particular functionality about which you're asking, you'll 
want to go with an alternate model card than the Echo I/O -- the Echo 
DJ.  The DJ is the same as the I/O with the exception that it has 4 
rather than just two.  The cost is only about $20-30 difference, I 
believe.  The trade-off, unfortunately, is that all the jacks are 
to output, so there are no inputs.  That might not be good for your 
particular application.

I don't know if Echo's software will allow you to use both the built-in 
outputs on the laptop in tandem with the stereo outs from the Echo 
card.  I've not yet seen that listed as a feature on any of the drivers, 
but that doesn't mean it's not possible.  To accomplish separate outs for 
both mains and prelisten, you're going to need two sets of physical jacks, 
regardless of whatever you're doing in software.

Otherwise, the only way I can think of to do what you're asking on the I/O 
is to split the stereo output into two mono feeds.  Then, for example, use 
only the left channel to go to the mains and only the right to go to the 
prelisten.  You'd just use the pan on each channel to control what goes 
where.  Not pretty, but possibly the only alternative.


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