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OT - Laptop soundcard and HD

Hi all,

I have a Gateway p4 laptop that I bought a little over a year ago for some work.  It has spent it’s last 6 months as a glorified jukebox playing iTunes.  The gear junkie just bought an iPod, though, so now the laptop sits at home.


I’d like to tryout using Ableton Live on it and seeing if I could put together some sort of portable rig.


Does anyone have any experience with the Echo Indigo I/O?  It seems like the PC card soundcard option is the least troublesome of all of the formats.  I do have a firewire port, but I’m worried about latency, self powering the firewire unit, dropouts, adding another firewire device, etc.  USB seems troublesome and hi-latency.  I’m also going to use the two ports I have for mouse and midi i/o.


My big question is how you might pre-listen in Live with the Echo I/O’s ‘console’ feature.  It says that your software will see 8 outs, but those are 8 ‘virtual’ outs which are remixed at the console, then spit out the 1/8” plug.  If you wanted to prelisten on headphones, but not have that prelisten signal in your main mix…can it be accomplished?


Also off-topic.  In a desire to keep the rig simple and fun, I would like to not have a big firewire Hard Drive tacked onto the laptop.  It’s not going to do any serious ‘gigging’ in the near future.  So that led me to think that an internal 7200 rpm hard drive in the laptop would suffice.  Does anybody have any experience with using a 7200rpm drive in a laptop for audio work?  I know they always recommend separate drives for apps and audio, and this is the way my desktop system is setup.  But would a good speed drive suffice for the laptop?  Maybe partition it into two volumes? 


Sorry for the off topic.  If you have any resources where I could go, feel free to point me in the general direction.


Thanks in advance,