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Re: need recommendation: decent drum machine software

On Sep 17, 2004, at 16:02, jj 179 wrote:
> More ideally, I'd like something that I could load with my own 
> samples, and that I could trigger via MIDI or USB with an Akai MPD16 - 
> basically trying to recreate, in a cheaper and more computer-based 
> way, the functionality of an MPC2000. I'd like to be able to record 
> drum rhythms in real-time, not necessarily just in step-programming.

If you have a Mac loaded with OS X and if you can live without 
recording drum rhythms in real-time I think iDrum would be fine with 
you. iDrum is actually inspired by the MPC60 and some people say it 
sounds like one. If you use a computer running Windows you might check 
out DR-008 by FXpansion. The latest version does work as a standalone 
and it's very well designed for easy use and good features.

At the next level there is Ableton Live 4. Live can do what the MPC2000 
does and a little more. Quite a lot more actually, you might think it's 
overkill for the special use you have in mind.

All the best

Per Boysen