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need recommendation: decent drum machine software

I've been looking for a piece of drum machine software for awhile now. 
There's a dizzying array of programs available, most of which look 
incredibly complex. I've tried one or two demos and found the learning 
to be huge. Admittedly, I'm used to just starting up any programming and 
being able to intuitively figure out how to work it. But the drum machine 
programs have been kind of intimidating.

To give an idea of how braindead I am with these things, I picked up a 
Electribe ES-1 and still couldn't figure out an easy, non-complicated way 
use the darn thing.

In the simplest sense, I'd like just a decent drum machine. More ideally, 
I'd like something that I could load with my own samples, and that I could 
trigger via MIDI or USB with an Akai MPD16 - basically trying to recreate, 
in a cheaper and more computer-based way, the functionality of an MPC2000. 
I'd like to be able to record drum rhythms in real-time, not necessarily 
just in step-programming.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


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