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RE: behringer controllerRe: EDP pedals

>Hi Phill,
>Your setup is interesting!
>is it possible to send a program change and a cc
>simultaneously to the repeater so when you press the
>buttons it will call trc1---trc2---trc3---trc4 and go
>into record mode respectively?

I'm beating Phil to the punch and answering your question:  Yes! you most 
certainly CAN send pc messages along with cc messages (and even a note 
message) all with a single press.  You can actually send 5 pc messages and 
toggle between two cc messages/values with each button.

I was setup like Phil with direct one button track recording, but I tried 
switching things around.  I have it set up similarly to you, in that four 
buttons select tracks 1-4 (as well as toggles between full volume and mute 
for that track) and then I have the bottom row set up with record, play, 
stop, multiply, and undo, etc.  That's just in one bank.  I have about 
different banks programmed, all replications of the first, but with small 
differences (track select buttons also toggle pitch changes, or slip 
changes, etc.).

For all it's downs, the FCB1010 sure has a lot of ups for the money.


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