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I have thought of buying the beringer midi-pedal as well as one of those heavy duty organ player foot pedals (the ones looking like giant piano keys) to send control change, respectively note-on messages to the "Plex" - but apart from being too big, too heavy and too expensive I have come to the conclusion (after almost seven years of almost daily use) that it proves much less stressful to have a contact spray can for emergencies (wd 60 has been recommended to me by an electrician for not clogging up compounds) and a handfull (meaning seven or eight) of those black and red replace buttons, a soldering iron (soldering can be learnt by almost any person who has the physical and mental abilities to play a musical instrument) and a couple of other tools handy along with the original lightweight EDP footpedal on tour or wherever I happen to play

A friend of mine has recommended me to cover the buttons with what the English call "Cling Film" but I've never tried that one

Any(old or new)way: Good luck to all of you
may the almighty microvoltage be with you henceforth

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