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RE: Rolls Midi pedal

 I wound up selling my GC because I had constant problems with switches. 
memory upgrade and software upgrade added another $50+, and it didn't send
note on messages. They had a chance to make a better pedal with the Pro, 
didn't. The LED was useless outside too. I use the Behringer, which works
great for the EDP and is made better than the original GC.

Dave Eichenberger-

> Yeah same thing as mine heres a picture of the one I have 
> http://www.vg-8.com/pedals/gcssystem
> You can get these off of ebay for $120 or so dollars they 
> have been superceded by the ground control pro. It has two 
> imputs for pedals which can also be assigned to different 
> cc's on different Midi channels.