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Re: Boss RC20XL

>>  --- shane <shanewhitbread@sympatico.ca> wrote:
>>>  The footswitch system boss uses stinks
>>>  for looping till you get used to it,
>>  The thing I really hate about the RC20 is having to
>>  hold the switch down for two full seconds to clear a
>>  loop. That's a long time in a live looping situation.
>>  Anyone know if this is still the same in the XL?
>>  -t-
>hold on now...two(2) FULL seconds? that aint shite :-)
>looping w/ my trustee PCM42s when i quit a loop i have to wait for the 
>length of the loop(up to 20sec.) to dump before startin up again!
>know any in between loop jokes/banter?

you know, back then we did not have the technology and knowledge to 
do it better.
but when they build the RC20 they could have watched one of you guys 
for an hour...
you think I am glad they did not? No...

the Roland 3000 was rather hard: to tap the tempo (which the PCM42 
could not do at all) you had to press 3 times or so, and only about 
1,5 loops later it started to sound...

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org