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RE: behringer controllerRe: EDP pedals

Hi there

I thought you might like to share my button combinations, I have them set up for using the FCB1010 with both the EDP and the Repeater.

Heres each of the pages that I use

PAGE 0 (this is my NORMAL FUNCTIONS PAGE) - have laid it out as u look at it!!!


undo-----1/2speed----- reverse--------Replace-------------Change Loop



PAGE 1 (this is my SUS page)

same as above but with  undo replaced by MUTE and all functions in their SUS state.



I know this is out of numeric order, but it allows me to be one page away from normal conditions to change presets, I have these set to  1,6 quantised to 8th (my usual setting) ,one with midi in on and one with midi in off 2,7 cycle again with midi on or off variants, 3,8 smae but with loop quant , finally 4,9 for free form no quants, I also have 5,0 with 8 loops setup instrad of 2 in case i ever want to do a lot of small differant loops.



I have these on pages 4 and 5 cos I always wanted a buffer incase i expanded my EDP use!!!



undo-----start stop----- reverse--------multiply-------------toggle fdback 100/30%


rec tr1-----rec tr2---rec trc3---rec trc4------tap tempo



here the upper numbers 6,7,8,9, each select tracks 1,2,3,4 and turns the FXloop on or off and the numbers 1,2,3,4, turn  the track mute for each track on or off, 0 turns the insert on to the input and 5 turns the insert to all tracks on.


I know this has been a bit longer explaination then i thought it would be and i hope that it wa helpful to someone, i consider the FCB to be the midi pedal that can across the board most suit my needs,,,,,,,,,or for all the EDP settings remeber to also programme the pedals for feedback and volume if you want to use them that way cos that needs to be saved in every preset.

 And by the way I also dont wear shoes onstage, I have a rether nice rug that  I laydown myself that looks kind of mystic and cool and protects my feet from loose boards and splinters.happy looping!!!!!!

Phill Wilson (a.k.a. Blackface)

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