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Re: Boss RC20XL

I'm not talking about the "slots" (which I don't use
anyway), I'm talking about what a pain in the butt it
is when you're playing a live instrument in real time
and have to hold a footswitch down for two full
seconds to clear the memory before recording a loop.
I'm not "selecting phrases" stored in advance, I'm
playing them. My rig contains several different
looping devices, and the RC20 is the ONLY one with
this constraint.


--- Aptrev@aol.com wrote:

> Why not simply turn the phrase select knob to a new
> slot?
> Or better, if you don't mind another pedal
> cluttering things up you can use a 
> pedal to switch the phrase slot thus avoiding
> stooping that spoils the 
> performer's heroic profile.

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