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100 buttons (was RE: EDP pedals)

 ---->I have a Starr Labs Ztar.
I use it to send commands to the EDP via note info to trigger record,
restart, reverse etc.
It has 144 buttons!  24 "frets" of 6 "strings"
I only use about a dozen of them for EDP commands--you can rezone the neck
totally--I usually have drums and bass up on the neck.
The Behringer is probably a good match for the EDP--especially with Loop 
lots of Direct MIDI stuff.

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> That's the one I too use with my EDP and other loopers. But it has 10 
> buttons, not 100 ;-)

Well, if you want to get technical, it's 10 buttons. :-)

I meant that you can program 100 different functions.

- Dave