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RE: EDP pedals

Funny you should point that out I can't use the EDP pedal either without
being barefoot (mostly big toe) maybe that's why mine is holding up?

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I've started wearing special Echoplex Shoes (TM)! ;-) My pedal only sees
those or bare feet...

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> Sounds to me like dirt is getting into your switches, and/or the 
> replacements are wearing out.  This happens to me with my stock EDP 
> pedals when I play places with particularly gritty floors.  With the 
> beige units, after about twenty minutes I could see a buildup of crap 
> around the oft-used switches, and usually shortly thereafter I'd start 
> to get the behavior you're describing.  My solution was do a quick 
> sweep of the area I'd be standing in before I started playing, and 
> cleaning off the footpedal when it started to look dirty.  Also a good 
> idea to manually press the switches a couple dozen times to break up 
> any crap that might have fallen in.  That said, I've  yet to replace 
> any of my switches, since the cleaning always fixes it.
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> >
> > Wondering if anyone can help me out about this - I've had two EDP 
> > pedals remade with nice metal switches, because the red plastic ones 
> > keep malfunctioning - and now the metal ones are beginning to 
> > malfunction in the same way; the button presses are inconsistent, 
> > sometimes I press mute and it triggers insert, or press multiply and 
> > it triggers overdub,  that kind of thing.
> > Isn't there any way to have an EDP pedal that just works?  Sorry, 
> > I'm tired and a bit bitchy but I really would love to have a pedal 
> > that just works consistently.
> > Any ideas about this?  Worst comes to worst, does anyone know anyone 
> > in NYC who could repair these pedals without charging too much?  I'm 
> > no good at soldering or that kind of thing - thanks, guys.