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RE: EDP footswitch


You can have an electronic repair person create a custom setup with a pair
of these:
With these instructions
I tried making my own and messed 'em up--don't forget to take out the
existing resistors *=<
PS  I use a PMC 10 and even that doesn't always give me what I
want--suggestion: have a friend push the front panel buttons 8)

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Subject: Re: EDP pedals

Wondering if anyone can help me out about this - I've had two EDP pedals
remade with nice metal switches, because the red plastic ones keep
malfunctioning - and now the metal ones are beginning to malfunction in the
same way; the button presses are inconsistent, sometimes I press mute and 
triggers insert, or press multiply and it triggers overdub,  that kind of
Isn't there any way to have an EDP pedal that just works?  Sorry, I'm tired
and a bit bitchy but I really would love to have a pedal that just works
Any ideas about this?  Worst comes to worst, does anyone know anyone in NYC
who could repair these pedals without charging too much?  I'm no good at
soldering or that kind of thing - thanks, guys.