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RE: Ableton Live As A Live Looper

>What I want from Ableton are a couple of small changes/additional
>options in Live that would make the initial tempo lock-up much tighter.
>Because right now they assume incoming MIDI clock is coming from an
>external hardware device, they apply some fairly strong smoothing to
>the incoming tempo. This means that when you get a sudden change in
>tempo (like you do when you start a new loop, because the tempo is
>unknown before the loop ends) the software takes a little while to get
>in step. Now because the MIDI clock from Augustus Loop is generated and
>timestamped within the same computer as Live, its timing is exactly
>accurate and needs no smoothing. So I'd like Ableton to make the
>smoothing optional.

Os, I'm also interested in faster response from Live when sync'ed to Midi
clocks. I requested it from them before Live 4 came out, and they said
they'd consider it, maybe via a "hi-res" sync mode or something. If you
or someone else puts up a post on Live's request forum, let us know and
we'll jump on it and add our voices in support.