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Re: Boss RC20XL

Hi all,

I'm a born again looper/sound experimentalist, been on the mailing list 
as a lurker for several months now and must say that I have learned 
quite a bit about the technical issues and material choices that 
confront artist such as us.  Furthermore, I find the candid tone in 
debate concerning the philosophical issues that we face in making our 
aesthetic and operational choices to often be right on the mark and 
quite refreshing.  Thank you all for being a part of this great resource.

It is through your discussions and the website that I have come to own 
an EDP.  Although, it is a wonderful machine I wish to upgrade the 
memory to much greater than the 192 seconds that they come from Gibson 
with.  Have I overlooked something?  Does anyone have any information 
concerning this matter?

I also own a RC20 and find that, although it is a solid pedal, I would 
like to replace it with something a little more versatile.  I have been 
looking into the Boss SP-606 and it seems to promise a lot.  I like that 
it is polyphonic in its playback,  that it pitch-shifts samples, has 
recording times of up to 60 mins at 44 khz, etc.  I was wondering if 
anyone has had any experience with these machines and would vouch for 
them?  I also would like to know if it works well in a sample on the fly 
live performance situation and whether it does sound on sound recording 
in a single bank?

A lot of questions, I know.

Thanks much

Aptrev@aol.com wrote:

>In a message dated 9/14/04 1:26:02 PM, psychle62@yahoo.com writes:
><< The thing I really hate about the RC20 is having to
>hold the switch down for two full seconds to clear a
>loop. That's a long time in a live looping situation. >>
>Why not simply turn the phrase select knob to a new slot?
>Or better, if you don't mind another pedal cluttering things up you can 
>use a 
>pedal to switch the phrase slot thus avoiding stooping that spoils the 
>performer's heroic profile.