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RE: Boss RC20XL

Shane  wrote:
I have a original one, but I will say no, it is NOT easier in the case of
the XL because it is in the same casing.  The footswitch system boss uses
stinks for looping till you get used to it, and at that point is only
"okay".  Nothing more.  Prepare to spend the first while getting use to
closing loops a little early.

----->  I took out the springs and cut them in half--that made it easier to
create the right loop time.  This thing is cool for what it is; it IS NOT 
Echoplex Digital Pro.

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        Subject: Boss RC20XL

        Has anyone tried the new Boss RC20XL? If so, is it comparable to a
Gibson Echoplex for ease of use in a live performance setting? 

Also, Paolo wrote:

Prospective buyers of any looper device need to evalutate the device based
on their musical needs.

------->And that's the cool thing about the EDP--it is open ended enough to
allow not just what you need but also happy accidents--and what is life
without inspiration?