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Re: EH 16 Second Delay question

On Tue, 14 Sep 2004, Paolo Valladolid wrote:

> I have not noticed any glitches or hiccups when the end of the loop is

While techinically this is true in my experience as well I feel for those
of us who are used to something like the DL4, EDP, etc that loop when YOU
say the loop ends using the new 16second can be a bitch. As a result I
find it hard *not* to get a loop to "glitch".

The new 16 sets the time of the loop based on slider position not when you
step on/off on the pedal. As a result if you don't get the loop *just*
right you will NOT get a continuous clean loop but rather a loop with some
spillover from the next or previous measure. You have two blinking lights
to indicate when this is coming up. Technically there is a click track but
it is inaudible and I find it absolutely useless.

Obviously many loopers have adjusted to this new style. I personally find
it so off-putting I have the damn thing on the shelf and am working with
other gear that is perhaps not as flexible but more user friendly to my