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RE: List Member Tom on tour with California Guitar Trio (gig spam)

--- Tom Griesgraber <tom@thossounds.com> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Just wanted to pass along that I'll be opening for the Fall CGT tour, 
> with Repeater in tow.  Mine will be relatively short sets everynight..
> but I usually do about 50% "live" tunes and 50% live tunes with 
> looping.  (The live portion being Chapman Stick; clean, fx, synth, 
> etc).
I caught this tour here in San Diego at the end of August, and was struck
with how seamlessly Tom transitions out of his loops.  As I recall, one of
his techniques is to have a theme stated before he exits into loopland,
which he then restates to exit from the looped material--thus the
continuity.  It helps that he is playing a two handed instrument, and can
create such a fully balanced sound.
CGT was good, it was the first time I had seen them--and Tony Levin on 
also the first time I had seen him live.