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Last Saturday I had the pleasure to meet and hear zurrigo alias Philipp
Zürcher (http://www.mem.li/e/start_e.html) live in Zürich.
He invited me after I announced my gig on this list.

This was his last gig in Switzerland before he'll be going on tour in

He's been using the Echoplex since around 1997. Zurrigo has quite a jazzy
approach and works a lot with polyrhythm. He kept the (looping layperson)
audience fascinated through all three sets presenting an ascetic, 
lusty guitar sound and a very personal musical language.
He uses a yamaha semi hollowbody guitar, fender amp (Hot Rod Deluxe, I
believe), Oberheim EDP with Loop IV, dbx 1066 compressor.
I absolutely had to buy a minidisc after his gig and have been listening to
it several times in a row this morning. Hot stuff!

All England-based Loopers: Don't miss him!

Bernhard (back to listening zurrigo 12/44)